Aardvark International

The International track is part of the core program, but combines travel to EIGHT different countries throughout the year allowing students to further cultivate their knowledge of the Jewish Nation’s history in Diaspora, experience different cultures, and meet the local Jewish communities.

Aardvark International was created for students who love Israel and who love to travel. This track gives students the opportunity to receive the benefits of the core program, with its focus on immersion, volunteering, and learning, while participating in an additional travel based program. You will live in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. You will volunteer/intern in something you love. You will learn about Zionism and Judaism and even receive college credit. In addition you will have the chance to visit 8 different countries in the world, experience their cultures, and meet the Jews. There is also an option to sign up for just one semester of Aardvark International which includes 4 countries.

You can live in learn in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, cities rich in history and cultural opportunities. Internships and volunteer placements allow you to engage with the communities while improving your resume. This is a great way to receive college credit and learn about Zionism and Judaism. A.I. allows you to do all this while exploring eight different countries, their cultures and the Jews who live there.

Where does Aardvark International travel to?

Europe is at Israel’s doorstep, and in many ways, Israel is incorporated into the European Union. In addition to Israel, much of our modern concepts of Judaism and Zionism were developed in Europe. As an additional bonus we also threw in China. Many modern concepts of Judaism and Zionism were heavily influenced or developed in Europe. Experience Europe and visit China, a rising international power that is becoming a great ally to Israel.

How long and often are the trips?

Each trip is approximately 4 to 6 days. Trips are spread out throughout the year approximately once per month. Please note that the itineraries are subject to change. They are examples of most of the things you will be doing (if not all of them).

Basic Design of Each Trip

The trips are designed to bring you to the major tourist attractions while allowing time to discover the history of the Jewish communities in the area, meet local Jewish residents, learn about the countries relationship with Israel, and have an amazing time. Some trips focus on exploring one specific city while others allow you to travel throughout the country. To see the major tourist sites, learn the history of the Jewish community, meet the local Jews, learn of the current relationship with Israel, and have a great time. Some trips focus on one city and its surrounding area while others travel within the country.

Kashrut and Shabbat

Aardvark feels that eating in local restaurants is an important part of experiencing each country and its culture. There will be dairy and vegetarian options provided for those who observe kashrut and anyone observing stricter kashrut needs only to speak to the Aardvark staff to ensure their needs will be addressed. Trips are shomer Shabbat and will involve Jewish/Shabbat programming, including but not limited to services with the local community.


All trips will be accompanied by an Aardvark staff member, and specific trips will also include professional tour guides.

Safety and Security

We live in a rather turbulent world. As a result Aardvark reserves the right to change, alter, or terminate any of the trips or substitute a different country if the situation warrants. Our local contacts in each country will be informing us of potential problems and issues. Each student will have health insurance including emergency airlifts if needed.

What is included in the price?

The cost of the track includes the regular Aardvark program, plus round trip airfare from Israel for each of the trips, local transportation abroad, hostels, three meals per day abroad, entrance fees to sites, tour guides, tips, and chaperone(s). The trips are all inclusive excluding person expenses. Please note that it is hard to predict fluctuations in air travel due to fuel charges, thus Aardvark Israel reserves the right to alter dates and programming.

What is not included in the price?

Visas if needed (for Western passports that usually means only China and Ethiopia) and personal spending money.

What will I miss when I travel with Aardvark International?

You will miss some volunteering, classes, and informal education. Each student will inform their volunteer placement when they will not be available. You will notify your teachers as well and you will need to make up the work and receive notes (the friendly Aardvark staff will help you).


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